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TENAX® is a porous polymer based on 2,6-diphenylphenol, that is widely used as a column packing material for trapping volatiles from air (VOC) or liquids. Since intermolecular binding forces are weak, the contaminants are easy to remove from the adsorbent.

The use of TENAX® has been specified in the standard methods of EPA, NIOSH, ISO 2011 16000-6 (Indoor air sampling), ISO 16017-1 (Sampling and anaysis of VOC) and EN 14338:2004, EU Regulation No. 10/2011 (food simulant).

TENAX® is particularly useful for the analysis of high boiling compounds such as alcohols, polyethylene glycols, diols, phenols, monoamines and diamines, ethanolamines, amides, aldehydes, ketones and chlorinated aromatics. Using thermal desorption equipment measurement on ppb and ppt level is feasible.

Buchem BV’s heritage is the manufacturing of TENAX®. It has been its very first product and still plays and important role in today’s activities.

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TENAX®-TA The well-known porous polymer used worldwide for thermal desorption analysis. Since intermolecular binding forces are weak the contaminants are easy to remove from the adsorbent.

TENAX®-TA is the successor of TENAX®-GC.

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