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About Us

Our Mission

We are specialized in developing, manufacturing and worldwide selling of chemicals for the laboratory, hospital and chemical market. As a result of our expertise and reliability in selling high quality products, we can guarantee sustainable benefits for both customers and suppliers.

Our comprehensive quality system supports our efforts towards high quality performance – external as well as internal.

The basis of our relationship with our customers, suppliers and employees is formed by strong ethical principles and a sense of fairness. To meet their needs and expectations, we generate an appropriate level of profits and continuously use these profits to invest into further improvement of the company.

The principes are:
  • Products meet the customer requirements and expectations
  • Products and production will be handled in accordance with applicable laws and regulations
  • They will meet the requirements in the field, product safety, working conditions and environment
  • With any new investment we anticipate on the fact that these laws and regulations become more a more stringent and follow the principle that if “better” is already possible at acceptable extra cost, than don’t accept less
Requirements in terms of quality and safety are equally important. Many of our products are used as medical device or in a hospital environment, making the safety directly linked to quality of what we do.
  • We take our responsibilities towards environment and the law seriously.
  • We ensure that our products and services are constantly adapted to meet the increasingly sophisticated requirements.
  • We even want to be ahead of these mandatory levels and in this way lead the change towards “greener” chemistry.

Our Quality Policy is essential to achieving our goals and is implemented in a Quality Management System. Consistent specified quality and uncompromising safety means:
  • to meet the needs and expectations regarding products and services to end users and clients
  • to consistently comply with product specifications and applicable regulatory requirements
  • to define, update and meet Quality Objectives by regular management reviews
  • to regularly review the Quality Management System to maintain its effectiveness and continuing suitability regarding changes in regulation, requirements or new products

Approval and Commitment
As the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Buchem I am responsible for the quality policy and the effective implementation of the Quality Management System (QMS) within Buchem. The global markets we serve require us to have an effectively implemented quality management system, which meets the QMS requirements as specified in this document.

The use of the QMS is mandatory for all employees working within Buchem and ensures an effective way of meeting our customer and market requirements.

Nico Aelmans
CEO Buchem